Thursday, May 10, 2012


For the past several years I've been doing graphic design for Mache Seibel, MD (aka DocRock), a practicing family doctor in Massachusetts. Not only is he an excellent physician and a really genuine human being, but he's also a very talented songwriter and musician. And he's chosen to use his talents to become a first-class "edutainer". He's developed the HealthRock line of educational entertainment products. Mache creates songs that teach kids about healthy habits and various preventative steps to stay healthy and avoid future problems. His motto: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". 

This success has led to an expansion into different markets such as the High School crowd, (with songs about drug abuse, safe sexual behavior, and various things that teens typically experience). His "Women's Edition" and "Red Hot Mama" CDs deal with feminine issues and menopause respectively. The songs serve as a fun and catchy way to not only teach healthy life lessons, but are also an easy way for someone to absorb and remember these important messages. Who likes to be lectured to? But embed that same message in a toe-tapping musical ditty and that makes for an easy pill to swallow. "Hey, play that one about eating squash again. I like that one. Or the Potty Train. Let's all ride the Potty Train! Toot toot!" The songs are pretty funny when they need to be.

We've developed fun characters and applied these designs to various media. Interactive web games, animated cartoons, posters, a kids activity book, cookbooks, sheet music books, clothing, graphics for live performances featuring Dr. Seibel, etc, etc. We're discussing the potential of developing a children's program (TV or Web) with a mix of animation and live action segments. (Think The Electric Company but dealing with health issues instead of reading.) 

Recently we've repackaged many of these CDs into more affordable 3-disc value packs. Although I believe many of the original "digipak" versions (containing lyrics and more artwork) may still be available. Of course you can download the songs individually if you prefer. We've also created a line of fun Stay Well greeting cards and clothing. Most of this can be attained through Check it out. 

We've also created a number of other items of interest to adults. Products related to healthy sleep, relaxation, cookbooks, emergency handbooks, etc. You can see these here: Have an awesome day and STAY WELL!

Scroll down to see a few of the items, but click the links above for more.


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