Monday, August 27, 2012

Have Camera Will Travel (Episode 4)

Time for another round of random amateur travel snapshots. So I can remember where I've been. Today's theme: street lights and stuff.
Antique guy in an antique car museum. I gave him a "donation".  ~  Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC
Late night at a train station in Cairo, Egypt
Carcross, Yukon Territory, Canada (The last day of summer and everybody's gone, eh?)
Evening on the Mediterranean  ~  Alexandria, Egypt

Carriages awaiting their riders  ~  Giza, Egypt

Willow Pond  ~  Somewhere lost in China
Lonely thing in a field  ~  Raleigh, NC
Hong Kong Monument to the God of Commerce... Money
Storm's approachin'  ~  Asheville, NC
This last shot looks processed but it's not. I was on horseback riding through Zion Park in Utah, and was turning my camera off after each shot to save battery life. And when I would power up the camera to quickly snap a photo, the aperture did not have enough time to adjust to the brightness before I took the shot, so I got a series of hot bleached-out pictures. It was a very bright day and I had to hold the horse reins (to keep my horse from trying to eat the grasses) with one hand and shoot with the other. So I could not review the photos I was taking until much later. Honestly I didn't care so much about the pictures. I had some stomach virus and just wanted to lie down. It sure was a beautiful place though.
Zion Park, Utah

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