Friday, September 21, 2012

Drawing on Inspiration

I'm still revisiting and archiving some old stuff I did when I was a teenager. Back in the 80s. If this stuff doesn't get transferred into the digital world now, it probably never will. And it'll be lost. Of course no one will care but me. But that's okay. 

This piece below was a view from a window. As it shattered. My thought process was that not only would each shard reflect a different view of the world outside the window... but also a different time. As if the view itself was constantly recorded in the glass, and as it shattered it played back random moments of time. Winter 1952 on one shard, Summer 1967 in another.  The life of the view flashing before my eyes as the glass dies. Anyway that's what I was thinking when I drew it. Though I still wanted it to be abstract. I think I added the circling black birds and blood for drama. Crows in the sky. Maybe a human broke the window, hence the blood. And although there's depth in each shard, the composition taken as a whole seems flat. 
From the Outside - 1988 (colored pencil, marker)

This next one is obviously an homage to Edvard Munch's "The Scream". I was just goofing around.
The Squeal - 1987 (colored pencil, marker)

I can't remember the exact story behind this one. Obviously I didn't feel "at home". Not welcome. No where to go. Mostly I just liked working with oil pastels, smudging them, and going over and over the color with white to get a blurry effect. I never liked drawing straight lines. All my buildings are curving and leaning over. Sort of melting. I did a thirty-second animated station ID for MTV many years ago and it had that same "melting city" look. 
No Vacancy - 1988 (colored pencil, oil pastel, marker)

My mom had this little clay cottage sitting on a shelf that you could put a tea light candle inside to make the windows glow. As a kid I liked the rustic look of it for some reason. And it inspired me to do this watercolor. I recall I made a circle of rubber cement, then washed over it with watercolor to make the sky, then just rubbed off the dried rubber cement and wahlah... Moon.
Cliff Cottage - 1986 (watercolor, ink)

Had a dream when I was sixteen and painted this. You can't see it in this small jpeg, but that's a hand ax stuck in a vertical log next to the tree. I can still vaguely remember the dream.
Sunset Silhouette - 1985 (watercolor, marker)

God only knows what the heck this is. Stream-of-consciousness doodling I think. The strawberry lemonade waterfall (or whatever it is) goes down the side of the mountain-like "thing" and then goes back up around the other side. I was probably having a conversation when I drew this while lying on the floor. There's a hollowed-out room at the top. Some ancient hieroglyphics carved into the rock face at the bottom. Strange roach-like plants or something. Yeah... I was distracted. I do remember that I've always liked it when magic markers start to run out of ink. Then you can get lots of nice shading effects with them. All the gold color below is just a magic marker that is running out.
Untitled Mountain - 1987 (watercolor, marker)

And since I'm right-handed... this is a study of only my left. You would not want to see me try to draw my right hand. It would not be pretty.
With These Hands - 1987 (pencil)

Anyway, that's all for now.

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