Saturday, October 20, 2012

Danger 5: To the Rescue?

Illustrator: Chris Wahl
What do you get when you combine:
60% Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds
20% Agent 007 James Bond
45% World War II (that lasts into the smoke-filled 1960s), 
30% David Zucker comedy (think Airplane! or Naked Gun)
5% Get Smart
28.7% Diabolik
a multitude of "headshots"
deathbed recipes for the ever elusive 'perfect cocktail'
a smidgen of Venture Bros.
a dash of pulp magazines and lounge muzak
equal parts Daikaiju / Dinosaur film
and a tiny shoestring budget?
(Is that too many percent?)

Stir well. Set your blender on "simmer". 
Wait for it to come to a froth.
Now throw that shit out the window and watch Danger 5.

Currently the premier absurdist Australian comedy program. 
The complete Season One is awaiting you below.
Or buy the DVD here!  

Oh, and as always... kill Hitler.

(And maybe this is a little NSFW as there are triple entendres, villainous dinosaurs, talking German "Nazi" Shepherds and of course Hitler's infamous sex kitchen. You have been warned. Put the kids to bed, cuz there's DANGER in the air. DANGER 5!)  

      Pilot Episode: "The Diamond Girls"          

     Episode 1: "I Danced For Hitler"     

     Episode 2: "Lizard Soldiers Of The Third Reich"     

     Episode 3: "Kill-Men Of The Rising Sun"     

     Episode 4: "Hitler's Golden Murder Palace"     

     Episode 5: "Fresh Meat For Hitler's Sex Kitchen"     

     Episode 6: "Final Victory"     

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