Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Vinyl Word (Designer Toys)

In 2010 I designed a series of vinyl toys built on the popular Monskey frame. So-called "designer toys" have been growing in popularity since the late 1990's and offer fans a way of collecting limited edition "tiny sculptures" from artists around the world. 

Of course for children toys have long provided an outlet for imaginative play, exploration and learning, as well as offering comfort and companionship in times of stress. Today adults can appreciate toys for their aesthetic design. And by collecting unique "urban vinyl toys" they help support artists directly while actually making small investments into the art world. True designer toys are hand-produced in very limited runs and nearly always go up in value. 

I thought I'd share some of my 2010 Monskey designs with you. Enjoy.

Exhibiting two opposing personalities, Skitzo can reflect your mood, whether it be gloomy or sunny.

This little Canadian fella wears his heart on his sleeve... and um, his other organs too. 

This is the down-on-his-luck cousin to a certain more famous mouse.

Leaping from the stages of Peking Opera comes this dynamic woman warrior character (Wu Dan).

For the lovelorn comes this little broken-hearted companion. Don't be sad.

When things get too hot to handle, this tiny guy can take the heat. Flame On!

Cheer up! She's just too cute to not decorate your desk with. 

Now you know who's been eating your bananas. Chinese mythology comes alive! 
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