Sunday, March 24, 2013

if only (a poem)

If only for one wish,
an angel or a bird,
a winged messenger to speed my love to you

If only to accomplish,
those words you never heard,
an expression of the heart you never knew

If only for this fire,
still raging in my heart,
sending skyfulls of smoke signals your way

If only for this desire,
even though we're apart,
simply to know you felt a smile today

If only for the chance,
to cast away your fears,
a gift of comfort on the darkest night

If only for one romance,
to last my final years,
letting you fly free while holding you tight

If only for the way,
perhaps a chance to say,
this love is stronger than you realize

If only for one day,
without these clouds of gray,
always turning to rain... behind my eyes

If only...

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