Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have Camera Will Travel (Episode 1)

One of my favorite hobbies is vacation travel. Travel for work is fine (as it's on someone else's dime), but of course having the free leisure time to explore a new place and meet the locals is what makes it exciting. I've been lucky enough to have visited some amazing places. 

Now I'm not a very good photographer. Certainly not anywhere close to professional. Strictly amateur in my skills and in my equipment. My camera doesn't even have manual focus and often times all I have is my crappy cell phone. (Don't you just hate trying to shoot through a window and you have to trick your camera to not focus on the glass?) And for me, simply enjoying a new place takes priority over photographing it, but if I have a camera and feel the inspiration, I might take some photos while I'm there. It can be fun too. 

Here's a few shots where I got lucky and the "Image Gods" were kind to me. (I really gotta get my photos organized. They are scattered everywhere and yet nowhere to be found.)

venice canals
fertile nilelone beachcomber
port vell
south rim sunsetlet's play
foggy park
versaillescarnival time

And after hiking up Mount Sinai in the middle of the night by the light of a full moon... I got to see the sun rise. 
One of those rare "is this really happening" moments in life.

mount sanai

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