Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Have Camera Will Travel (Episode 2)

When traveling, I feel to really experience a city you have to get out of the hotels and into the side streets, the neighborhoods. Meet the locals and get away from the tourists as much as possible. The real city lies just beyond the last street hawker selling batteries and maps.

You'll notice that even though I've arrived at a landmark (i.e. the Eiffel Tower), sometimes what's going on over to the side is just as interesting to me. An animal chained up. A young child eating an ice cream oblivious to the world. A bit of misspelled graffiti. Someone's abandoned bicycle. Even some trash blowing against a tree. To me those things are as much a part of the total experience as the landmark everyone has come to see. Of course I'll remember the Tower, but without some photographic record I might not remember the surroundings. The context.

Also my favorite photos are simple and clean. Usually a lone figure against a landscape. To me, a single person in an image creates intrigue and unanswered questions. Five people, not so much. This appeals to my design aesthetics and perhaps my emotional sensibilities. Also I'm generally not a fan of crowds. It's hard to get everyone striking an interesting pose. Can you imagine Wyeth's Christina's World with five girls lying in the field. Not nearly as interesting as just the one.

Anyway, here's some more travel shots. Have a nice day.

ominous clouds
My feet on the ground, but my head in the clouds. ~ Grand Canyon (South Rim), Arizona
i see you
tian tan buddhamule lookin at me
now where did i park
Oh shoot. Now where did I park the car? ~ Monument Valley Utah
she's got legsDanny Wallbird
i thought he was gonna jump
I thought he was gonna jump. Nope, just extremely dangerous yoga. ~ Grand Canyon (South Rim), Arizona
barbed wire
sunworshipperyukon railway
And now... one of the castles Walt Disney supposedly modeled his famous Cinderella castle after.
That's not just a camera artifact, the sun was super intense that day.
disney stole this

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