Saturday, April 21, 2012

China: Through a Lens (Episode 1)

Here's some photos I shot in 2007, on a tour across mainland China. I've added a texture to some of these images, as the camera can capture how things look, but it takes human input to illustrate how it feels. So I've tried to present and preserve visually the emotional experience of being on the receiving end of the lens. Much of China seems either very old, or very new. And the ancient sites interested me more as they had such rich history attached. They quietly told their own stories. Their influence is evident in these photographs. Please enjoy.
Chrysanthemum Festival
Water Village

I was leaving a park when I noticed these guys playing checkers. It sort of had that Norman Rockwell-esque feeling about it. Something about the subject, or the composition. But either my camera battery was dying or my memory was full (can't remember which). But I remember struggling with my gear to get any shot at all. Plus my group was pulling me away. I managed to get a few not-so-clear shots. Later I do remember deleting all but one, as I needed the space for something else. I really wasn't prepared for how many shots I took. With digital, I tend to enjoy the feeling of "shoot and decide if it's worth keeping later". I eventually bought an additional memory card in Shanghai. But until then, I had to be really picky about what I shot. No fun. I've learned my lesson and now travel with more than enough batteries and memory. Better safe than sorry.

I'll see you again...

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