Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biltmore in Bloom

Well it's that time again at the Biltmore Estate. (If you're an annual pass holder then you know it's always that time for something at Biltmore.) And Saturday kicked off the annual Festival of Flowers in spectacular fashion. Here's a few shots from the morning. 

You'll notice that when I have a strong primary light source (in this case the sun) I tend to utilize that light directly into the image or focus on the hard shadows if they are more interesting. The lights and darks. The positives and negatives. Since I can't control the position of the light or the subject, all I can work with is the position of the camera and how the light can interplay with the lens. Plus in flower photography, having the light pierce the petals produces interesting colors (veins) and effects (lens flares).  
To get the low angle looking up through the flower petals I just held the camera a few inches from the ground and pointed it up (keeping an eye on the way the shadow edges hit the lens). But it wasn't until after the shot could I see what I got. 
Unfortunately I have to sneak my shots quickly while on the way somewhere. Stop a second, click it, then run to catch up to the wife. Maybe one day I can just steal away for a couple hours and go somewhere JUST to take photos. Haven't had the time yet. Maybe sometime.
Biltmore is my private garden... which I share with millions of guests. (Much like my enormous seashell collection I keep scattered all over the beaches of the world. Perhaps you've seen it. Ha.)
There's a ton of people here. Yet if you catch it at the right moment, and crop it just so... it looks deserted. Funny how a photo can distort reality, just as it captures it. 
There's not much skill to photographing a statue. It's already a beautiful pose. It's already art. Just point the camera and click it. Done.
And here's one from last year. (find the tiny bug)

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