Monday, April 30, 2012

March & April Table of Contents

Just the beginning... (quick links to archived posts)

Mary Doodles
Clever Timelapse Illustration Videos

Made in China (Part 1)

Goodbye Norma Jeane
Marilyn Monroe Mix Tapes

Hallmark Road Rovers and Wallace Berrie Funkymobiles
Toy Archive

An appreciation:
Woman in the Dunes

Retro-styled comic:
A Friday in '52

Biltmore Estate
(Spring 2012 photo essay)

North Carolina Museum of Art
(remixed for April Fool's Day)

An appreciation:
Frank Frazetta (painter)

One Swell Foop
(absurd comedy)

World Travel:
Photo Essay (Part 2)

World Travel:
Photo Essay (Part 1)

(a poem)

Logos through the eyes of youth
A 5-year old's humorous reaction to corporate branding

Freshman Year Sketchpad

North Carolina Museum of Art
(a few photos)

Works of Heart

Where names come from...
mine anyway

The Boy In The Yard
(my clay cartoon) Part 2

The Boy In The Yard
(my clay cartoon) Part 1

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